Message from President & Chief Instructor

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Dear Masters/Friends/Parents,

We are entering an era of progressive growth and development of Isshin Kai Kan Institute of Karate(IKKIK) a/s All India Shorinji-Ryu Karate Federation (ASKF) from the country of emerging province to a unsophisticated indication of Shorinji-Ryu Karate training and programs. IKKIK will endeavour to establish two-way communication with state association and their members with our website postings and IKKIK Facebook Page keeping our members up-to-date on local, regional and national events for members. Our centralized calendar continues to be the hub of event sharing and planning of member events. Communications highlight how our members are excelling in their karate training at their clubs, share inspirational stories, and continue to build upon IKKIK growing karate presence on the national karate prospect. I am honored to have been elected to the Indian President and Chief Instructor from the Japan Board of Directors to serve the interests of IKKIK at the National level and continue to work to put IKKIK on the forefront of Karate growth and development as Karate surges towards the Olympic and Non-Olympic Games in India.

IKKIK is proud to be a leader with cutting edge high performance development and training programs. Our IKKIK Training Programs have exponentially grown and are now being offered in different regions across the province. We are pleased to offer top quality programs with the continuation of the student and Master certification program, supported by training opportunities offered throughout the year by Karate India. We are pleased to announce our Provincial Officials Program has grown to include IKKIK officials being certified at the national levels, and working for the opportunity to certify internationally for events like the NSKC (National Sports Karate Championships and the International Sports Karate Championships. We have certified several new Provincial level officials in the past year and continue to expand this thriving officiating program for our Black belt members. We are excited to continue offering top quality seminars for our members, such as this year“s upcoming “Campaign and Competition“ seminar will be conducted by world renowned international director Dr.Thomas Cauley & other reputed masters around the world, who coaches the best athletes in the world. IKKIK embraces all clubs throughout the year to bring them together for our highlight event of the season, the IKKIK open. This year, we were proud to announce our new open training, the “™ Training Camp“. The™ Training Camp launched in the year 2005 and created buzz nationally as a high quality modified training open to only Sports Karate Members across India. IKKIK member clubs now have two annual tournaments for members. With supporting regional events will be conducted in all over India and our high performance development programs like Womens Self Defence for the all college, working womens and girl Childs, the value of IKKIK membership has reached an all-time high and garnered national attention for our provincial programming model.

Thank you to all the coaches, athletes, volunteers, instructors, board members and supporters that have worked tirelessly to make this organization what it has become today. As a provincial organization, I believe we can offer something for everyone, with the common goal being pure love of karate. To that end, I wish each member a happy and healthy year in training!

Dr.Thiyagu Nagaraj
Chief Instructor & President™,
Isshin Kai Kan Institute of Karate
All India Shorinji-Ryu Karate Federation

President & Chief Instructor