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Application for Style Chief Membership

KKarate is an empty-handed fighting art that has been developed through long years of history and tradition. Its ultimate goal lies not in winning or losing, but in fostering spiritual and physical strength through serious regular practice, and in trying to achieve overall balance as individuals.

Any school, club or societies, local or India, which has the primary objective of promoting the ‘Shorinji-Ryu” style of Karate and is registered style of national body.

Register yourself and become registered style chief! Other privileges include:

  • Participation in risk-managed Organized Sports Karate
  • Membership Certificate & Dan Grading
  • Opportunities to play in National/International Championships
  • Our Certification will helps to get Government Scholarship for their students
  • Oppurtunity to issue color belt & dan grading

Karate Quotes

"Recently, some Karate men have used funny and strange sounding names for their own styles of Karate. A Karate man of this kind does not have a real understanding or knowledge of the orthodox Karate or he has no confidence in his ability as a Karate man. He uses these funny sounding names for his own style of Karate as an evasive answer when he has a hard time demonstrating a very difficult technique or even an incomplete one. […] Karate does not have any one style. Karate molds an individual to be the only object of defense or offense and, through this, it teaches the fundamental concept of self-protection"
Kanken Toyama- Japan
"Karate cannot be adequately learned in a short space of time. Like a torpid bull, regardless of how slowly it moves, it will eventually cover a thousand miles. So too, for one who resolves to study Karate diligently two or three hours every day. After three or four years of unremitting effort one’s body will undergo a great transformation revealing the very essence of Karate. "

Anko Itosu Father of Modern Karate


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Instructor/Masters/School teachers having good knowledge in karate or martial arts can join in MYKARATE.ORG™ powered by All India Shorinji-Ryu Karate Federation & Isshin Kai Kan Institute of Karate and State/district style chief may allowed to have state affiliation from Admin Office. In such cases permission may be granted to form STATE/DISTRICT body in that particular state.